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Account Basics
  • Create an account to enable interaction with the community.
  • Once an account is made and verified then rep points can be accumulated and comments can be made in game threads.
What are Rep Points?
  • Rep points are a good representation of how active you are in the community. The more you contribute to the community, the more you will be recognized. You can also bet rep points in the CFP Sportsbook.
How to earn Rep Points?
How does earning rep help me?
  • The top 10 rep point earners of all-time have their user names displayed on the home page "Top All Time Users" board.
  • Each month the top 25 rep point earners will be entered into a drawing to win exclusive prizes. Also a live updated board of the top 25 monthly rep earners will be visible on the "Top 25" tab. This page is updated twice a day.
  • All time rep points earned will also be displayed next to your username when making a comment on a game chat board.
  • Use rep points to purchase items in the upcoming CFP Rep Store
  • We ask that spamming, trolling, or a misuse of the chat/commenting area be avoided by account holders.
  • If these areas are being misused we kindly ask you to flag the inappropriate comments.
  • These areas are to mainly to discuss games, teams, players, and the content in the pick/post.
  • Please do not disclose your account information to anyone in these areas.
Account Suspension/Ban
  • Using the chat/comment area for spamming, trolling, or misuse can lead to a temporary account ban or a permanent ban.
  • If your account has been temporarily or permanently banned you will receive notification via email.